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   Midland Parrots  
Sunnyside Garden Centre, Leicester Road, Ibstock,
Leicestershire, LE67 6HL.
Telephone 01530 263399

Now Also at
West Gate
Long Eaton
NG10 1EF

Tel: 01159 725965

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Midland Parrots are there to help you with your purchases, making sure that you get the right product, the right price and the right service,

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9:30am - 5:00pm Monday to Saturday
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What do you expect from your Online Shop?

  • Quality Products
  • Good Service (over 90% of orders go by courier, and delivered to you next working day but certainly within 2 working days)
  • Help and Advice is freely available.
  • Honesty. We won't tell you what you want to hear we will tell you the truth.
  • You are the most important person to us
  • The Midland Parrots Policy is
  • 'If it's Not Good Enough for Our Parrots, It's not Good Enough for Yours'


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Feeders and Drinkers

The Liberta Cage Range

We have only a very small amount of our stock on the website

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The Escape Artist

Midland Parrots are not just any old Parrot Supplies Shop. We are not just an Internet Website, We are a Bona Fide small independent  business, open 7 days a week to the general public. You are welcome to come and visit us, We normally bring a few of our own birds into the shop for the day out. and our Umbrella Cockatoo Rupert is a regular attraction.
 Jo Jo & Barney  (our stunning Green Wing Macaws, Pictured above) & Charlie (our gorgeous Blue & Gold Macaw) are just 3 of our 48 feathered companions.
 We fully understand a Parrots needs and that of their owners.  We know that your parrot is not just a pet but a lifetime companion.
Please take a moment to visit our Picture page, and,  you are welcome to join our small, friendly and helpful forum.
Most Parrots don't reach their full life expectancy due to lack of crucial vitamins and minerals via poor nutrition.  So what foods can we feed to our Parrot?
A Good Quality diet is very important to your Parrot. (have a look at our  Parrot Care section). Midland Parrots are very proud to be associated with Harrison's Bird Foods (Advisor: Brian Stockdale. BVM & SMRCVS).  Most of our birds are fed on Harrison's organic food, we are also suppliers of:  Zupreem, Kaytee, Rob Harvey specialist foods, Johnson and Jeff, Bucktons, Countrywide, Pretty Bird, Witte Molen, just to name a few, so whatever your bird's diet, we are likely to supply it.
We also have the largest selection of Parrot toys, foods, treats and accessories in the UK and only sell quality products. Our range of toys are second to none.
We are always available for help and advice (if we can) and we have only one policy.
"We won't sell anything we would not give to our birds". 
Now you know that dealing with Midland Parrots you are in safe hands.
Don't forget you can always pay us a visit.

We have so much more in the shop than we have on our web site.


Parrots are very intelligent creatures, so playing is very important to them.

To have a healthy happy bird he needs a good diet and toys to play with, today especially where we owners need to work longer hours and of course that means that out parrots are perhaps on their own a little longer.

So with the lack of human company toys, especially foraging toys, are very important. Not only do they keep your bird amused but can spread his meal over a longer period, thus preventing boredom whilst he is on his own.

In the wild parrots will spend the majority of their day foraging for food. However our captive friend doesn't need to do this, because we ensure that he has all the food and nutrition placed in his bowl inside his cage.

Because parrots have all this in there cage they can get bored, which can cause unwanted behaviours such as feather plucking or screaming.

There is an answer....... A selection of foraging toys, some or perhaps the entire parrots daily nutritional intake can be place in the toys making the parrot work for his dinner.

Your bird will love the opportunity to work out how he gets to the food or treat. This is natural for him to do. So, ensure that your parrot has part of his natural environment in his own cage.


How many times have we heard the phrase "Mum can we get that wooden toy for Polly" only to hear the reply,  "No, he will only chew it"

Chewing is important to parrots and is part of their daily activity. Most owners however accept that their feathered friend will enjoy chewing and eventually destroying ropes, wooden toys and all natural goods such as leather,coconut and much more....

We have the largest selection of Parrot Toys in the Midlands. so please take your time and browse our site.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask, or of course you can visit us.

Insure Your Parrot or Pet

Like any other pet, it is always a good idea to have your parrot insured. We at Midland Parrots have our parrots insured through Exotic Direct.  They have a full range of pet insurances to suit you, your pet and your pocket.

You can contact them direct on. 01444 412118 or visit their web site at