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7 Rung Pedicure Ladder

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Pedicure Ladder for Small Birds - 7 Steps

Fun to climb on.
A ladder in the bird`s cage provides a different kind of play compared to toys for chewing and preening. It can be used as a way for the bird to climb up to a perch from the floor of their cage or from one perch to another. Your can even create a platform / bridge for their bird to play on or perhaps suggest hanging it from the roof bars so they can use it like a swing.

Tying on materials such as cotton, sisal, and leather for the bird to pull and preen, or even use them to attach some wood block to chew, turns the birds seven step pedicure ladder in to a fun play area.

Using this ladder as suggested or any other fun way your can think of promotes exercise, plus each of the 7 rungs having a rough coating covering them, which it helps to look after their feet as the play

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