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Our business originally came about due to the non existence (in most pet shops) of good quality food and toys for our own birds. Most pet shops cater for your average household pets and of course who can blame them; they need to have items with a fast turnover of sales to earn their living.

However, we are Parrot People through and through.  We have our crew of tasters and destroyers who are very happy to 'test drive' all new products and some of the older ones to make sure they are all good entertainment value for our customers and your birds!   Our 'crew' range from large macaws to a small parakeet, all given bushloads of TLC by ourselves - Bob & Diane.  We are just ordinary people who would not wish to live without our extraordinary feathered friends.   

We appreciate that something as specialist as a parrot requires specialist toys, food and caging to keep him or her in tip-top condition; we believe our products offer quality at a great price - that's why we've created Midland Parrots. 

After all, your Parrot is not just something that is a feature for the spare corner of your sitting room.  He/she is a companion and needs your love and care and in return they bring part of the rainforest into your home.

All parrot owners know that it's not what you want from your parrot that's important, it's what he wants from you! The parrot is an amazing creature and is long lived (depending on the species).  It's a sad fact that most don't reach half the age they should because of poor nutrition and lack of adequate healthcare. Things that don't affect humans can kill a parrot instantly.  Yes!   Simple modern conveniences that we take for granted like aerosol sprays.

The parrot is not like other pets; s/he needs quality time, a general routine and be able to interact with you on a daily basis. So we hope you will find our site informative as well as our supplies competitively priced.

Bob & Diane,

Midland Parrots Limited