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Avain Haven Hut Large

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Avian Haven Hut Large
*Perch NOT included
The Avian Haven hut is a beautiful addition to your bird`s cage. The hut contains details of a human residence, such as a doorway, chimney and window and has a "Home Sweet Home" sign over the entrance. The hut is available in two colours, brown and green.Sorry no choice.
This unique hut is two products in one: a semi-enclosed space for your bird to retreat to within the cage to feel safe, secure and sleep undisturbed in a natural perching position combined with an interior back wall of plush sherpa for your bird to snuggle, relax and sleep against.

When birds sleep, their feet naturally contract to grasp and hold onto a perch. Unlike many other huts on the market, the Avian Haven hut does not require your bird to sleep with their feet in an unnatural position or on a fabric floor that your bird can potentially catch a foot or toe in. The Avian Haven hut hangs over a perch, enabling your bird to sleep in a safe, natural perching position.

Your bird will emotionally benefit from having an Avian Haven hut to retreat to within the cage for privacy and to feel safe and secure. Tired birds need a place to retreat to for down time and when there is just too much going on in the house your bird requires a place of privacy to escape to: Parrots are prey animals and when they feel threatened by anything going on around them, they need a place to hide.

Parrots and other caged birds benefit emotionally and mentally from having a soft, plush material in their cage to snuggle against. The Avian Haven hut has an interior nestling wall made of thick, plush sherpa to provide your bird with a soft, fuzzy place to snuggle, relax and sleep.

*Perch NOT included*
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