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Anti-Parasite Spot-On for Small Birds

A convenient spot-on treatment for small birds such as canaries and budgies.

Beaphar Insecticidal Bird Spray 150ml

A silent-action spray which contains the insecticide Permethrin (5g/l). Suitable against lice, mites and other insect pests.

Bogena Bird Vitamin 20ml

Valuable liquid supplement for smaller cage and aviary birds

Bogena Intensief Red

Concentrated supplement for Red Factor Canaries

Bogena Parrot Vitamin 20ml

Valuable liquid supplement for parrots and other larger cage and aviary birds

Bogena Red Fortified Canary Food

Valuable supplement that provides nutrients not normally found in a seed-based diet.

Universal Food 1kg

Complete food for all softbill birds, including cage,aviary and wild species,