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Beaphar Care+ Parrot Food

Beaphar Care + African Greys

Beaphar Care + African Greys

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complete, super premium feed
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Beaphar Care + Grey Parrot Food 1kg

Beaphar Care Plus Grey Parrot Food is a complete, super premium feed. What makes Care Plus foods particularly special is that more than 95% of the ingedients are organically certified.

Many pet owners feed their birds a diet that is almost entirely seed based. Such a diet will give a bird energy, but it is not what your bird would eat in the wild. In it's natural environment your bird might eat leaves, flowers, fruit, nuts, buds, bark, and even the occasional grub or insect, in addition to seeds. Beaphar has teamed up with experienced bird breeders to bring your bird better nutrition. Care Plus pellet foods derive their goodness from more than 25 organically-sourced ingredients.

Care Plus bird foods contain many different natural and untreated ingredients. Each bring their own qualities. For example:
Carrots: Famous for containing pro-vitamin A and vitamin C. Vitamin A keeps plumage in good condition. Vitamin C stimulates the intake of iron by the body, and is important for healthy blood vessels, resistance to disease and healthy bones.
Broccoli: Contains high levels of vitamin C and Calcium. It also contains anti-oxidants, which help to protect body cells from damage.
Dandelion: Contains nutrients that are important for the digestion and for the colouring of feathers.
Oregano: Works as a natural antiseptic.
Citrus Peel: Contains anti-oxidant bioflavonoids. These natural nutrients stimulate the intake of vitamin C by the body, promoting healthy collagen (connective tissue) between body organs.
Wheat: Contains high levels of carbohydrates, for energy and is rich in vitamin B, which is important for metabolism and feathering.
Spinach: Amongst other things, a source of beta-carotene, which is converted into vitamin A. Important for maintaining and growing beautiful feathers.
Additional ingredients include: Rosehips, Maize, Barley, Triticale, Lupin hulls, Rosemary, Sunflower, Sesame, Linseed, Peas, Alfalfa, Kale and Pumpkin.                                  
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