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Beaphar Care+ Parrot Food

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Beaphar Care + African Greys

complete, super premium feed

Beaphar Care + Parrot & Cockatoo Food

complete, super premium feed

Beaphar XtraVital Parrot in 1 & 2.5kg packs

seed-based premium bird food

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Many UK pet-owners are feeding their birds on a diet that is almost entirely seed-based. Such a dietwill give a bird energy, but it is not what your bird would choose to eat in the wild. In its naturalenvironment your bird might eat leaves, flowers, fruit, nuts, buds, bark, and even the occasional grubor insect, in addition to seeds! If we want our cage & aviary birds to be healthy and look their best, weneed to provide them with better nutrition.

Beaphar has teamed up with experienced bird breeders to bring you better nutrition. We have spentthe last five years developing a new complete pelleted food, which derives its goodness from morethan 25 organically-sourced ingredients. We think that Care+ Bird Food is ideal for many of our largerand most spectacular birds, and recommend the food highly. Please read on, to see what makes

Care+ Bird Food special.
Care+ bird foods are complete, super premium feeds, ideal for a range of cage
and aviary birds. What makes these foods particularly special is that more than
95% of the ingredients from which they are made are organically certified.
In organic farming, artificial chemical fertilisers are not permitted and
pesticides are severely restricted. Instead, farmers grow and rotate a mixture of crops, add organicmatter, such as fertiliser, and encourage wildlife to help control pests and disease.

Organic ingredients are used in Care+ for their nutritional value and their lack of negative impact
on the environment. No chemical colourings or preservatives are added.