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Complete Diets for your Parrot

P15 Tropical
We get a lot of customers come and ask “Why should I feed my bird a complete diet?”
Ok so the answer is that in our opinion there are a number of reasons
First of all, there is less mess, which means less waste.
But the most important part of a complete diet is knowing that your bird is getting all the vitamins and nutrition that he needs to make his body function properly.
We sometimes think that pellets are something totally different to his normal diet when the truth is that they are not. It is only a different concept of feeding your parrot.
You are basically getting the same as you would normally get in a bag of see but formed into a pellet
We use Nutri-bird P15 for most of our birds although we still give them seed as well, So in the morning they get P15 and in the evening the P15 bowls are then replace with a small amount of seed.
Of Course they still get their fresh foods as well.
Sometimes the parrot will turn his nose up at the new food, however we tend to give in before them.
Why not try Nutri-bird P15 for yourself, our trained staff will always give you the help and guidance required to convert your bird.
Why not call us today on 01530 263399 to discuss it further and place your order

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