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Lara the African Grey


The African Grey

Some of you will be aware that we take on and give a forever home to some unwanted parrots.
One of our latest re-homes was Lara, an 18 month old African Grey
When Lara was taken on or should I say ‘Dumped on us’ she was chewing her own feet. We didn’t know whether she would stop self mutilating her feet, or in fact wondered if she would actually survive. Her previous owner had been to the vet but of course tests were needed and that meant a cost. It would be cheaper to put Lara to sleep.
Unfortunately parrots to me are little children and I made the point “would you put your son to sleep” Of course as always they haven’t got the answer to that.
Anyway, no point in going on, We took her on board. That was on the 28th October 2017. The first few days I was scared to look around the door when I went down in the morning, We tried using all sorts of things, but still she chewed on her feet, We have a customer who is a farmer and I asked him if he had any spray in his van, which I knew we should not generally use on parrots, but having exhausted all other avenues, I felt it was worth the risk, I had two chances, doesn’t sound right but it was a kill or cure.   

As you can see our day was turned sour on the 28th of October when young Lara appeared on the scene looking like this.



The photograph on the left shows Lara’s feet on the underside, Goodness knows the pain and discomfort that she must have been in. You could tell by her face and movements that she was in extreme pain. The thought of putting her down never entered my head and we had a customer actually break down in tears when she saw the state she was in.
Easy to critisise but as I explained, she has perhaps done the best she could, although I wish that we knew the true facts as to her condition.
The Picture on the right shows Lara at the Leicester Parrot Club on the 14th December some 6 weeks after her arrival.

The 7th of January this year we can see Lara at our Long Eaton shop sharing a cage and a jelly pot (her favourite treat) with 9 year old Jack.
Lara now comes home every night and travels to the shop daily, she enjoys his company and the attention she gets from everyone.

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