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How important is fresh water?

Even when you spray your bird, it is very important that you remove the old water, clean the spray bottle and replenish with fresh clean water.
We had a message asking us if we could help as the gentleman had a Blue Fronted Amazon which was vomiting, had runny poo and was not eating.
The only advice we could give was get the bird to an avian vet.
He had already been to the local vet, but lived nowhere near an avian vet. We still suggested that he find an avian vet and take the bird as soon as he could.
The vet had issued antibiotics for the bird.
Having asked the gentleman to update me, I received a message to say that the antibiotics were working and he had also discovered what had caused the problem.

He sprayed the bird regularly with normal water, however, the one thing he didn’t do was replenish the water daily or clean the spray bottle regularly.
The bird is on the mend, however it could have ended in tradgedy

Yet another reason why we always say.

“Every Day is a School Day”


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