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Complete Diets

Discussed at the East Midlands Parrot Club

Last month we spoke about feeding your companion bird a complete diet.Most Avian vets will advise you to feed a complete diet to your parrot. As I said last month there are always the owners who say that “Parrots don’t eat pellets in the wild. No they don’t, but they are of course wild birds and not companion birds, don’t forget that we have actually changed their lifestyle. In the wild they need to find their own food and of course they will not only eat seasonal but need to survive and will eat whatever they can find .In captivity we change their lifestyle and of course the way they live.A parrot in the wild will live on average around something like 20-25 years whereas in captivity they can live to a ripe old age and in fact we all know someone who has a parrot that is over 40 years old.
Nutrition and vitamins are important to your bird and what we sometimes don’t realise is that feeding a complete diet is only a different concept of feeding
Your bird is getting exactly the same as he does if you offer seed, but only in a different way and with some added vitamins and minerals to keep him fit and healthy. Less mess and all you are really doing by offering a complete diet is taking away the selective eating.

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