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What do you feed your Parrot

What do you feed your parrot?



The most important thing for any parrot is his diet. We
read and are told what is good and what is bad for your
parrot. Most vets recommend a complete diet.
So what do you feed your bird.?
Do you feed your bird a complete diet (pellets) or do
you feed your bird a seed diet?
Is there something else that you feed to your bird.?
There is so much conflicting information and the
internet, although a fabulous source of information, are
you getting the correct information.?
Every owner has different views, some which you may
agree with and others which you don’t.
Sometimes we are bullied into what to feed our bird or
in fact, what is best for our bird.
Every bird is unique and therefore the only person that
knows what is best for your bird is You.
Tonight we will discuss what we feed our birds and
why. This is a club discussion.
Remember it’s your bird and you’re decision on what
to feed your own bird.

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