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Parrots need a variety of foods to provide them with a healthy balanced diet.A good quality seed blend will supply much of your pets needs, but is not enough on its own. Below are some very simple rules for a healthy pet bird.
THINK!!! Before you buy a parrot.     ------ Read On
Before taking on a parrot or parakeet, do give it some thought.! A parrot is not a pet but a companion for life. They can live as long as humans and require as much care, love and attention as any other member of the family. If you have made up...
Lara   The African Grey
Some of you will be aware that we take on and give a forever home to some unwanted parrots.One of our latest re-homes was Lara, an 18 month old African GreyWhen Lara was taken on or should I say ‘Dumped on us’ she was chewing her own feet. We didn’t...
Teflon! How safe is it?
How many times have you been told to dump your teflon ?