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How important is fresh water for your Parrot?
Even when you spray your bird, it is very important that you remove the old water, clean the spray bottle and replenish with fresh clean water.We had a message asking us if we could help as the gentleman had a Blue Fronted Amazon which was vomiting,...
Complete Diets
Discussed at the East Midlands Parrot Club, we spoke about feeding your companion bird a complete diet. Most Avian vets will advise you to feed a complete diet to your parrot. As I said previously there are always the owners who say that “Parrots don’t...
So You want to Buy a Parrot
How many times do you have a friend come round to visit you, see your parrot, hear him speak and say “I must have one of them”?
What do you feed your parrot?
Feeding your Parrot