Do You Offer your bird Chop?

Do You Offer your bird Chop?

Feeding your Parrot (Why Chop?)


Feeding Your Parrot

We read regularly on parrot forums and on social media sites that some owners are feeding their parrots Chop. We read that owners have made three or four weeks worth of chop and put it in the freezer.
So, the controversial question that we would ask is Why Chop?

what exactly is it and what exactly are you giving your parrot?
Chop is all your fruit and veg, basically liquidised into a baby food and then offer it to your bird.
Let us look a little bit closer at your parrot.
One question we always ask is
 “what does a parrot do that other birds don’t?” 
Generally the answer is that he can talk. No!
The correct answer is…..  that he picks things up in his foot.
So we ask the question, why on earth would you you liquidise food when it is not what he does naturally?

We have had owners say that he will only take a little bite and throw the rest on the floor. 
Ok, so what does he do in his own environment ?
Exactly that, he will pick some berries or fruit from a tree and take a bite and drop some on the floor. In the wild however he is actually feeding a lot of the animals on the ground who will pick up and eat what the parrot drops.
In the home of course we don’t have all the wild animals and creatures that enjoy the food he drops so we have a mess on the floor or the bottom of the cage to clear up after him.
we are not saying that you can’t give your bird something different, but are we really giving him a natural environment?
Ask yourself if your bird actually enjoys the chop you make or would he rather pick up a bit of fruit and veg in his foot?