Gizzi's Story

Gizzi's Story



Meet Gizzi,



We are asked regularly why we are reluctant to rehome the birds we take under our care. The simple answer is Trust. Once a parrot has experienced the pain of being discarded, they deserve a forever home where they can feel safe and loved.


Gizzi, is an Orange Winged Amazon parrot who came back to us the other day after being fostered out for over 12 months. Unfortunately, his time away was cut short due to aggression caused by another parrot taken into his foster home. Gizzi's head is short of feathers as result of being bullied by his feathered companion. We all know that parrots can become very jelous creatures and probably this possibly added to his change of tempermant.

The fosterers decided to take on another parrot of a completely different, species and thought that they were getting on alright and that the new bird was just preening Gizzi,

In my opinion the decision to introduce a new parrot of an entirely different species into their fostering home was approached with very little thought or consideration for Gizzi

The plight of Gizzi, who now finds his head plucked due to the bullying inflicted upon him by his feathered companion, serves as a stark reminder of the harsh realities faced by many parrots. This unfortunate circumstance not only highlights the physical and emotional toll that bullying can have on its victims but also underscores the importance of us showing parrots respect, regardless of species.


Sadly Gizzi has been dumped back on us and the foster parents are taking no responsibility for what they have done to Gizzi who became nasty and wants to draw blood. so now that problem which they caused has now become our problem.


Their neglectful consideration and care has resulted in Gizzi displaying aggressive behavior and a propensity for causing harm. Consequently, the issue that they have created has now become our burden to bear as he now has no trust for humans.


We believe that once a parrot has found their forever home, they deserve to stay there and having had the bird for over 12 months the last thing we expected was to have him brought back into us and even worse was that the plastic carrier he was brought back in was only designed for a small animal or bird probably the size of a conure or senegal, certainly not an Amazon.


Have you ever wondered why some parrot owners hesitate to rehome their feathered friends? It all boils down to trust.


Take Gizzi's case as an example. After being fostered out to what seemed like a good home, he ended up returning to us after 12 months. The reason? The introduction of another parrot which led to aggression and bullying, leaving poor Gizzi with feather loss on his head, unhappy and dejected. will he ever trust humans again. When a parrot has experienced the pain of being discarded or bullied, it is crucial to make them feel safe and wanted in a loving forever home.


In a world where trust is fragile, Gizzi has been through it all and it won’t be easy to restore his faith in humanity. It remains to be seen whether Gizmo will ever change and once again trust people, only time will tell.


If you would like to sponsor Gizzi or any of the other unwanted parrots that we have taken on board please feel free to contact us or if you wish to make a donation towatds their upkeep you can always make a donation to into our paypal accout at