What do you feed your parrot?

What do you feed your parrot?

Feeding your Parrot 

The most important thing for any parrot is his diet. We
read and are told what is good and what is bad for your
parrot. Most vets recommend a complete diet.
So what do you feed your bird.?
Do you feed your bird a complete diet (pellets) or do
you feed your bird a seed diet?
Is there something else that you feed to your bird.?
There is so much conflicting information and the
internet, although a fabulous source of information, we ask are
you getting the correct information.?
Every owner has different views, some which you may
agree with and others which you don’t.
Sometimes we are bullied into what to feed our bird or
in fact, on many occasions actually bullied  what is best for our bird.
Every bird is unique and therefore the only person that
knows what is best for your bird is You.
Let us  discuss what we feed our birds and
why. This is a an our choice discussion

Remember it’s your bird and you’re decision on what
to feed your own bird.


A complete Diet is always better for your bird than a seed diet.
Harrison's Bird Food is one of the best complete diets around and is highly recommended
 by the majority of avian vets.

Versele-Laga P15 Tropical is what we generally feed our birds and we still believe
 that parrots do need a little seed, again that is our opinion but of course you can
 just feed the complete pellets as most people call them if you so wish.
Most Avian vets will suggest the Harrison's Organic food, however most will also
 tell you that any complete diet is better than seed.

Harrison's is a quality product and of course it goes without saying
 “You get what you pay for” however with the amount of birds that we have
 unfortunately we would not be able to afford that top quality, however we believe
 that the next best thing for them is the NutriBird P15 complete diet, we feed the
 tropical mix but they have a natural product as well so again it's your call. Many Zoo's
 are feeding NutriBird P15 so again in our opinion it is the best alternative and is a lot cheaper.
 So when you are feeding over100 hungry mouths it's the best that we can afford.

Some vets will say not to give your birds seed at all, however we believe that parrots need seed
and are able to forage, crack the husks and of course we all like a little something that we perhaps
shouldn't have. We enjoy a cream cake or a mars bar so maybe it's not really as bad as we think
just to give our birds a treat now and again.


Johnston & Jeff

The seed we give our feathered friends is a of course as you would expect a very high quality mix 
from a very well respected manufacturer.
Johnston and Jeff have been around since 1880 so have over 140 years experience in producing quality
seed mixes
They provide a number of Low  Sunflower mixes and their Lean and fit mix which is one of our top selling 
seed mixes for your parrot.
Of course there are a number of companies that produce both aviary and wild bird foods and again the choice
is yours, and of course your birds.






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