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Cargo Net Climber

Parrots can feel like they have escaped to the jungle tops with this uniquely designed rope climbing net
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Parrot Cargo Net Climber               
Uniquely designed rope climbing net with big chunks of wood for chewing.

Use the secure fitting quick links to hang this Parrot Cargo Net Climber up anywhere in or out of the bird`s cage for great fun and exercise.

The big chunks of wood means the Parrot can have chewing fun while climbing.

Each of the wooden blocks has drilled wells in which you can hide treats, encouraging your Parrot to be active.

Other toys or materials can easily be tied on or attach to make this a fun climbing play net!

A true adventure can be awaiting your  Parrot everyday!

Length 100cm (39")
Width 80cm (31.5")
Depth 7cm (3")
Wood, Sisal, Metal.
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