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We have the following Hand Reared Baby Parrots for sale
African Greys
Macaws (ready Soon)
Budgies, Canaries, Finches.
Rosellas, Goldian Finches,


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Insure Your Parrot or Pet

Like any other pet, it is always a good idea to have your parrot insured. We at Midland Parrots have our parrots insured through Exotic Direct.  They have a full range of pet insurances to suit you, your pet and your pocket.

You can contact them direct on. 01444 412118 or visit their web site at 


Why not Sponsor a Parrot?

You can sponsor a Parrot
We have over 30 parrots that have been either rehomed or rescued
Sponsor a parrot like Tojo (below)
Have a look at our
Sponsor a Parrot  page and choose a bird to sponsor.


Tojo is our little Jenday conure. He shares his cage with Max one of our Timneh Greys.

Do you want the holiday of a lifetime?
Do you want to see Parrots in their own environment?
Steve Brookes

Watching as many of the Parrot species, from the magnificent Macaws to the dainty Parrotlets, as possible within the range of each trip and to encounter numerous other wonderful birds (typically in excess of 200 species), mammals and wildlife on our amazing journey with ample time to be able to photograph, video or simply observe their natural behaviours.
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Midland Parrots also run the East Midlands Parrot Club.
Meetings are held on the 2nd Tuesday of every month at
Pride Park Veterinary Centre,
Riverside Road
This is a night when you can bring along your bird and enjoy the company of
other Parrot and Bird owners.
Members can listen to guest speakers who we have occasionally talking
about parrots amoungst other things
Midland Parrots take along some goods, so you can top up with food toys and of course
any accessories 

Have a day out, After visiting Midland Parrots make your way to

 Tropical Birdland,

meet the birds and staff who will all make you very welcome

We attempt to send all orders by Courier.

Charges for Delivery are:

England & Wales Zone A   £6.00

Highlands Zone B   £9.00

Ireland £15.00

For International delivery

You can fill a box up to 20kg. for the above cost

Cages and heavier items may cost extra, and may be sent direct from the warehouse, therefore please allow a little longer for delivery

However if you only wish to order small light items please contact us for delivery charge.

We aim to send all orders placed before 12 noon by next day courier
However please allow 2 days for delivery


Take a look at some of our birds

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Listen to Barney  

 Barney talking

Buddy telling the dogs off 

Rupert the U2 & Basil the Senegal  

Help with feeding the babies 


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  Why not join the East Midlands Parrot Club
The club meets on the second Tuesday of each month at 
Pride Park Veterinary Centre
Riverside Road, Derby.

Come along and enjoy the evening. There will always be something that you learn
or something which you can pass on to other parrot owners

Entry £1.00
Refreshments Available


This is Charlie, our beautiful Blue and Gold playing in the garden with his mate Jojo.

Don't forget, you can always pay us a visit at,

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Palm Oil Extract


Palm Oil Extract is a major food source for the African Grey parrots in the wild. Unrefined Palm oil is readily accepted by African Grey's, Macaw's, Cockatoo's, Amazons and most other parrots.
Unrefined Palm is packed in 500 ml jars, ( Human consumption grade).

Food for your bird

We have a very popular selection of food for your bird.

Quality is the name of the game

Why not try our own Mixes