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Forage Frenzy Pod

Forage Frenzy Pod Play Toy for Birds
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 Forage Frenzy Pod Play Toy for Birds               
Compact, customised and refillable, the Forage Frenzy offers the perfect solution for `Birdie Boredom`.
Designed to challenge the birds instincts by encouraging healthy activity and exploration.  Your customer can easily place small toys or treats behind the colourful hanging chain and barrel shaped links.

The Forage Frenzy Parrot toy will help to reduce boredom by allowing the birds to exercise their natural foraging instincts; negotiating their way past the colourful curtain to retrieve their reward.

The pod simply attaches to most wire bird cages and is refillable and customisable.  Try using the Forage Fun Box Toy for Parrots.  A pack of 2 prefilled chewable boxes with fun materials to play with.
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