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Forage Friend Monkey

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Forage Friends Monkey
Chewable Foraging Parrot Toy               
A chewable hollow monkey toy with a flap at the back so it can be filled it with the bird`s favourite treats.
What a great idea! The Forage Friends Monkey is a fun colourful chew toy that can be tailored exactly to the own Parrots preference!  Fill with anything the bird will happily work for.

As well as providing the bird with a fun pinata to play with, the many other materials offer a variety of textures to chew, pick and preen on. Many also provide other places to hide treats, such as the woven vine chamber at the top; the sea grass strips and the woven vine ball at the bottom.

A fun packed toy offering the very best in chewing and foraging opportunities, designed to keep Parrots busy, happy and healthy!
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