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Foraging Boxes

Eco Foraging Boxes are designed to engage your bird and create a foraging experience every mealtime.
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Foraging Boxes for Parrots - Pack of 2
An entry level foraging toy which is great fun for all Parrots and so many different ways to play!
Whether your  Parrot is new to the concept of foraging or an experience pro, these Foraging Boxes provide a fun way for the bird to play and be rewarded.

Just a few ideas include tying a Foraging Box to the cage bars, hanging it up or simply handed it over for them to play with on a flat surface. Both Foraging Boxes come pre-filled with natural coloured crinkle paper, which all Parrots love pulling at and shredding up.

Using these Foraging Boxes helps to provide birds with a source of mental stimulation through the activity of foraging, something that would naturally take up a lot of a birds time. Using either their daily food or special treats they love, place them inside, so they fall amongst all the crinkle paper. Now hand it over to the bird and watch their natural behaviours take over!

Three different shaped holes have been cut in to the Foraging Boxes, allowing the bird to see the paper inside, and what your customer has hidden inside! Chewing up the boxes and pulling out all the crinkle paper to find the treats is just so much fun.
Dimensions - per box
Length 13cm (5")
Width 5cm (2")
Depth 3cm (1.2")
Cardboard, Paperuch fun

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