Jake, 18 months old, staring to talk and just wants company all the time, Thanks to Neil for the picture

Minka & Barney

Suzie, 6 years old blue fronted Amazon

Minka, 3 year old Indian Ringneck

Barney & Rupert

Rocky.Patagonian Conure, sent by Lucie Hughes

Another picture of Jake, from owner Neil

Fluffy, from Annice and Dave

3 Year old Romeo A Moluccan Cockatoo

Barbara & Romeo live in Central Florida,

Tracey Banks from Staffordshire sent in this picture of Millie her Umbrella Cockatoo

Tracey also owns Henry The Blue& Gold Macaw

Rocco,thanks to Carron in Musselburgh. East Lothian

Rocco from Carron in Musselburgh. East Lothian

Cooper from Sharon in the North East

The Famous Louis. Returned after four days out on an adventure, Read Sharon's True Story

Nico, from Carron in East Lothian.

Nico and Rocco from Carron in East Lothian.

Milo, From Steve Poole in Leicester.

Milo, from Steve Poole in Leicester

Sharon sent this one of Louis having a walk.

Lola Having a Bone, thanks Colin for the picture

Theft of snickers, Barney who else?

This is our very own Buster and Jasper

 Diane with Barney, Bruno and Holly

 Rupert the Cockatoo wants to sleep with Tom

Obviously Louis thinks he's on the TV, Thanks to Sharon for these wonderful pictures of Louis

 Colin With Sprout

 Thanks to Nicola for sending in this picture of Kiwi and Rosie

 Rupert Wanting to play with Harry the Springer

# #

Cracker, 9 year old, Illigier Macaw

Rupert, 3 Years old Umbrella Cockatoo

Fluffy & Dave from Annice

Fluffy on his cage ready for his picture to be taken



Romeo was bought in place of boots

Charlie and Georgie sent in by Julia of Birstall in Leicester.


 Milo the Lovebird from Julia in Birstall

This is Pepsi. Sharon's African Grey



Hattie, from Trish in Leicestershire

Hattie, Just swinging around.

Another Picture of Jake, Thanks to Neil.

Barney & Jo Jo & Charlie





 Louis thinks Sharon can't see him.

 Charlie & Barney


 Some of the birds Beauties that can be seen at the National Parrot Sanctuary ( see link on home page)

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Visit the National Parrot Santuary.and Tropical Birdland

See over 1100 Parrots in a superb environment. Walk around at your leisure, see and listen to the parrots,Vist the on site Cafe and shop.
From Budgies to the Majestic Macaws. Free flying birds all around you. A Real Educational day for all the family.

Wherever you live. Tropical Birdland at Desford in Leicestershire is another wonderful place to vist. Free flying birds, Cafe and Shop, Talk and feed the birds,
See all your favourites, Macaws, African Greys, Amazons, Cockatoos, Enter the walk through Aviary. see the babies, A great day out for all the family.

Ebony Playing with Wally

Barney telling us about his foot


Young Noddy the ringneck

Buddy telling the dogs off

Rupert with his new friend