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Why Harrison's

Why, High Potency during conversion

Eclectus Parrot Food Harrisons High Potency Coarse Pellets

Advisor: Brian Stockdale BVM&S MRCVS

Because there is such a wide range of species and ages of birds that share their lives with families, HBD International produces a variety of products. These products are described generally below.  You can find further information on which food is most suited to your bird on our PARROTCARE page.

Our very own personal experience with Harrison's
Monty the Eclectus came to us in December 2009 looking a mess after he had plucked his feathers.
His self plucking was due to stress as the owners allowed 7, (yes seven) dogs to jump up and down at his cage. Also he was only given seed
This is Monty on 1st January 2010.

As you can see I wasn't lying, he looked a complete mess.
We changed his diet and started on 50% Harrison's High Potency and 50% fruit and veg.
we slowly reduced the Harrison's to about 40% and increased the fruit and veg.
Of course he gets treats such as walnuts, pasta, potato, scrambled egg but no seed.
The other part of his new life is the TLC, Come on Harrison's, you aren't taking all the credit.
Monty on 1st October 2010

It's not NOT AS EXPENSIVE as you think to give your bird top quality food.

Top quality diets to suit your bird, for less than 50p a day


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