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Parrot Sponsorship

Help Bertie with a Sponsorship

Help Bertie with a Sponsorship
Help Bertie with a Sponsorship
Help Bertie with a Sponsorship
Help Bertie with a Sponsorship
Help Bertie with a Sponsorship

Help Bertie with a Sponsorship

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Meet - Bertie
Hello my name is Bertie. I have come to live at Midland Parrots now and have a new forever home.
Well I had a lovely home with my previous owner who loved me and looked after me, always making sure that I had fresh food and water and also a clean cage.
I was with my mum as I called her for five years (that's how old I am now) and we had a great friendly relationship and I used to come out and get a cuddle and a kiss and of course a lovely treat.
Life was great for me and my best friend who chose me from a baby that was only a few weeks old.
Mum took me home when I was about 12 weeks and made sure that I had everything I needed and cared for me, we used to sit in the evening watching the TV and I was really happy, and my mum was too
Sadly one day earlier this year my mum fell asleep and never woke up again, I was heartbroken and everyone was so busy sorting things out, that they forgot a little about me. None of the family really wanted me, well the truth is that they didn't really want a bird in the house. It wasn't just me that they didn't want it was I suppose any bird or even a pet.
I got very depressed and stressed out and I know you will all think I am silly, but one night I sat and pulled all my feathers out. I really do miss my mum.
So the boys didn't want me to be sold although they couldn't have me so they searched and searched for someone who would take me on, give me the love and care I needed and the next thing I was in the car and off on a journey.
Where was I, what was going to become of me?
I had a long trip from the black country to Nottingham where I met Bob. Don't worry he told the master, I'll look after him and so my new life started.
The very next person I met was Heather, Oh my good night I was out the cage in a flash and got a lovely cuddle and a kiss, just like my mum used to do. Later that day I was in the van with Jack,(an African grey) that kept asking if I wanted a biscuit, Chooky (an Amazon ) Two massive Blue and Gold Macaws, Arnie who is 30 years old who lost his dad, and would you believe another Bertie and also a Cockatoo called Gnasher, 
The had all come to Midland Parrots to live for various reasons, so straight away I had some new friends to talk to. 
When we got home I met Diane, who came and spoke to me, found me a cage and sprayed me with Aloe Vera. Oh I liked that. And then got me some fresh food and water. 
Next day I was up and off in the van to the shop with Bob and my feathered friends. 
People who came into the shop would say that I had been mistreated, but Bob would tell them the real truth and that I was just stressed.
Well I'm here now and enjoying life a bit better and getting some of my feathers back slowly. I get lots of people come and see me and talk to me and I hear Bob, Diane and Heather say to people that 'I am not for sale' so although I miss my mum at least I have people that love me.

Sponsor a Parrot 
Unlike some Rescue and Re-homing Centres we do not sell or put up for adoption any of parrots that we take in which are no longer wanted by their previous owners.

There are many reasons why parrots are no longer wanted, Some just outlive their owners. Some due to the birth of a child or perhaps a divorce, or some other change in circumstances.
Sometimes  and generally, it is because the previous owner just didn't do their homework.
The make a mess, they are noisy, they chew the woodwork or they bite are just a few excuses (Sorry, reasons) for why the parrot has to be  moved on.
The cost of ensuring they get a good diet, toys and accessories and of course vet bills if required is ever increasing.
We need your help.
By helping us to continue this work, in return Midland Parrots are offering you a 5 -10 -15 sponsorship deal.
Sponsor a monthly amount £5.00 a month and get 5% Off your purchases (excluding livestock and special offers)
Sponsor a monthly amount of £10.00 a month and get 10% Off your purchases (excluding livestock and special offers)
Sponsor a monthly amount of £15.00 a month and get 15% Off your purchases (excluding livestock and special offers)
A great way to help the birds and get that bit in return.
We receive regular calls asking us to take on the now unwanted parrot, Of course they have got rid of him, the cost has gone of his upkeep has gone with him 
We are asking you to help us continue our efforts to provide these unwanted birds with a second chance

So what do I need to do?
You can pay through paypal, by using your credit/debit card or you can pay directly into our bank account
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Paypal - scaffman@ntlworld.com
Contact us by telephone with your details

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