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Parrot Sponsorship

Help LARA with a Sponsorship

Help LARA with a Sponsorship
Help LARA with a Sponsorship
Help LARA with a Sponsorship
Help LARA with a Sponsorship
Help LARA with a Sponsorship

Help LARA with a Sponsorship

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Lara's Story
Meet Lara the African Grey.
Lara came to us in October 2017 when the owner decided that because Lara was self mutilating her feet and the vet bills were too expensive that she was going to put 18 month Lara down.
Of course that was not acceptable to us and we at Midland Parrots took her on board. 
Her feet were in a dreadful state and in fact top and bottom of her feet were what to us looked to be something hot that she had gone into, Of course the previous owners never tell you the full or true story so we are sometimes in the dark. Having to start from scratch it is sometimes hard work.
Anyway Lara was put into a cage with a soft perch and we tried various treatments on her, obviously talking to the avian vet for his views, suggestions and recommendations.
At first nothing appeared to be working and we used a product that although was not what was recommended as it was too strong for the bird and more suitable to larger animals we felt that as a sort of last resort we needed to do something to stop the pain and suffering which she was in.
So, what happened was quite unusual and unexpected as Lara stopped chewing her feet and we could see a daily improvement in her.
She fell in love with Diane, who get her out daily and gives Lara the love and affection that she needs and wants. Lara talks to Diane and gives kisses and cuddles into her, A real little mummy's girl and a true little treasure.
Today you can only see the scars on her feet if you look closely and she has now recovered fully. 
She has a home for life. 
Would You like to sponsor Lara?
Or indeed any of the birds in our care.
Your help would be very much appreciated

Sponsor a Parrot 
Unlike some Rescue and Re-homing Centres we do not sell or put up for adoption any of parrots that we take in which are no longer wanted by their previous owners.

There are many reasons why parrots are no longer wanted, Some just outlive their owners. Some due to the birth of a child or perhaps a divorce, or some other change in circumstances.
Sometimes  and generally, it is because the previous owner just didn't do their homework.
The make a mess, they are noisy, they chew the woodwork or they bite are just a few excuses (Sorry, reasons) for why the parrot has to be  moved on.
The cost of ensuring they get a good diet, toys and accessories and of course vet bills if required is ever increasing.
We need your help.
By helping us to continue this work, in return Midland Parrots are offering you a 5 -10 -15 sponsorship deal.
Sponsor a monthly amount of £5.00 a month and get 5% Off your purchases (excluding livestock and special offers)
Sponsor a monthly amount of £10.00 a month and get 10% Off your purchases (excluding livestock and special offers)
Sponsor a monthly amount of £15.00 a month and get 15% Off your purchases (excluding livestock and special offers)
A great way to help the birds and get that bit in return.

We receive regular calls asking us to take on the now unwanted parrot, Of course they have got rid of him, the cost has gone of his upkeep has gone with him 
We are asking you to help us continue our efforts to provide these unwanted birds with a second chance 
So what do I need to do?
You can pay through paypal, by using your credit/debit card or you can pay directly into our bank account
Sort Code    09-01-28
Account No  03327936

Paypal - scaffman@ntlworld.com
Contact us by telephone with your details
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