Now Available! Hand Reared Parrots, White Fronted Amazons, Orange Winged Amazons, Double Yellow Headed Amazons, Indian Ringnecks, African Greys, Conures, Cockatiels
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Cozzzy Hut Large

Keep your bird warm and safe

Cozzzy Hut Small

Keeps your bird warm and safe.

From: £5.75
Snuggle Sack

Keeps your bird warm

Snuggle Sack Medium

Keeps your bird nice and warm

Bamboo Man

Bamboo Man

Beech Chips , 15Kg

Beech Chips , 15Kg

Budgie Swing

Budgie Swing

Chipsi Cage Tray Bedding

CHIPSI products for birds

Cockatiel Swing


Hemisphere Swing

Colourful sphere bird swing

Jimmy Half a Lobster

Jimmy Half a Lobster

Kabob Man Toy

kabob toy for your bird

Mini Monkey Pinata

Foraging toy for your small bird.

Nature First Rope Bridge Perch

Rope Bridge perch with triple hooks

From: £3.99
Parakeet Swing

Wooden Parakeet swing

Parrot Pinata  Toy

Keep your friend happy

Peekaboo Medium
The Klik Klak Toy

For the smaller bird

TV Remote Control Toy

give him a remote control

Unicorn Pinata Toy

Parrots love foraging