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When we started the business back in 2004, we started it because we wanted to buy bigger toys for our own macaws.
It was very hard to get large toys as all the pet shops sold budgie toys. after finding a supplier, We bought some toys for our birds and sold some on line.

we then took on our first shop in 2009 and never in our wildest dreams did we expect to have so many parrots brought in and unwanted. Some of course had lost their owners and the family didn't want the bird , or in a lot of occasions the bird didn't want them.

It started with an Amazon which we still have and then an eclectus called Monty who came to us completely stressed as he had been in a cage surrounded bu 7 dogs jumping up and barking at him. No feathers and frightened to death when he came to us.
It only took a short time to gain his trust and for him to gain the trust in our dogs, who go to his cage and he throws food to them. He now has 80% of his feathers back and looks good. He is all me and doesn't really like anyone else but at least he is happy.
Every so often it would be another unwanted bird being handed in, budgies, African Greys, Amazons, Quakers, Macaws, senegals, and just about most birds that you can think of .
Even today we get regular calls asking us to take on a bird .
Unfortunately a lot of birds come to us because people don't do their research before taking on one of these wonderful creatures.

We are not a charity and have kept these parrots at our own cost, although we did get a lot of people who helped us through covid when things were tight and we thank them for that. 
However as costs rise and more parrots are unwanted we would like you to help us and sponsor one of our re-homed birds.

Parrot Sponsorship

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