More of Your Pictures


 Dave sent this beautiful Picture of TICA

Dave sent  A Picture of Chico enjoying desert


 Rupert Teasing Twig with a nut

 Cooper having a swing


 Thanks to Sharon for this picture of Pepsi

Louis, from Sharon 


 Move over Jo Jo Let me in the Picture.

 Jo Jo. From Midland Parrots


 Barney Trying to get the toys from Busters Cage

Suzie after a spray 


 Tica is taking a quick nap up Dave's Sleeve.

 Chico wrecking the curtain hook

 Kristie sent in these Pictures of Basil

 Basil enjoying the grass.



 Thanks to Mandy for this Picture of Charlie

Another Picture of Charlie, sent in by Mandy 


 Dave sent us this great photo of his cat. " Hey Up Dave ,have you seen the weather, good job the birds are indoors"

 Jo Jo, says,   It's hard work playing with these toys, you know


 Daz, on Dave's Knee. Picture sent in by Annice

 Annice sent this picture of Fluffy enjoying his Chicken Bone.


 This is Sophie playing Connect 4, It's looking good so far.    Thanks to Nicola for these fabulous Pictures

What agreat picture of Rupert in the garden, Thanks to Sue for the Picture 


 Fedup with Connect 4, Sophie has a game of Basketball

 Barney,Jo Jo our two Greenwings and Charlie our Blue & gold Macaws

This is Bibbles with Barney

Here Barney is Actually talking to bibbles

Bibbles is the latest addition to Midland Parrots

This is Bibbles on his first day awaiting his cage

This is Bobby, Thanks to Trish & Gary for these pictures

Bobby is only 20 weeks old and is talking already

Many Thanks to David Carter for this picture of VINCE

Here is Hattie with Bobby, Thanks to Trish & Gary

Teatime at Desford Tropical Birdland

The Tropical Birdland Star attraction Gilly

Barney Clowning around

Suzie asleep in the Ivy

Lester ( latest addition) with his mate Jasper

Bibbles and Buster

Peppie from Cardiff ( Thanks to Anna & Roger)

Peppie wants to come out into the big world



 Strawberries & Ice Cream for Barney

Mmmm Strawberries & Ice Cream 



Charlie. From Midland  Parrots

Charlie gives Bruno a Pedicure 



 Midland Parrots very own Minka

Looks great from up here. Basil on his rope. 


Midland Parrots Jo Jo " I'm tired of playing I'll have a lie down here " 

 Come on Mum give me a bit of fuss.


 Well maybe not this time Sophie. Nearly did it.

 This is an easy game, Well done Sophie. Thanks Nicola for these pictures of a very clever bird.

Here we have Buster with Bibbles, They now share a cage

Bibbles is a Bronze Wing Pionus.

Trish couldn't wait to get Bobby and hand fed him herself

This is what you get at DESFORD TROPICAL BIRDLAND

Welcome to Desford. Dave and Annice

Charlie & Jo Jo being watched by Barney

Suzie Showing off

Charlie playing with a pen ( thanks to Anna & Roger)

Barney having a look to see if Cracker has any food left