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Sisal Perch 2 sizes

Add a different texture to your birds cage.
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Sisal Perch
A flexible perching solution.
Natural sisal rope makes a great alternative to cotton, it is comfortable to perch on, walk and climb along. The plaited rope lengths create an uneven surface, which in turn keeps the Parrots feet exercised and healthy. A thick metal wire core means the Parrot has a perch with added strength and one that holds its shape, so they can feel safe and secure as the move along it. The rope ends are heavily protected by tough and durable plastic caps which fasten securely to the cage bars. The inner wire core means you can bend the Sisal Rope Perch to make entertaining shapes for your Parrot to climb along. Having a number of these perches fitted across the cage means the Parrot can get up and down their cages (inside or out) without having to use the cage bars.
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