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Take Out Hanging Parrot Toy Large

Delicious looking `Take-Out` food styled hanging toys for your Parrot.
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Take-Out Hanging Parrot Toys - Large               
Delicious looking `Take-Out` food styled hanging toys for Large Parrots.
Your customers can treat their Parrot to some Take-Out tonight....well sort of! These fun Take-out Toys for Large Parrots are made with a variety of materials and are designed to provide bird`s with hours of healthy activity.

Designed to mentally and physically stimulate their Parrot and prevent unwanted behaviour due to boredom.

Simply hang these delicious looking toys in the bird's cage and watch as they play. Suggest hiding treats inside for their bird to find or attaching more materials to customise their birds` toy.

All toys are coloured using vegetable dye and are completely safe for your birds and other animals too!

Take-Out toys for Large Parrots are available in Chinese Take Out, Burger, Sub Sandwich and Pizza Varieties. Please note: toys supplied are assorted.

You will be sent a BURGER or PIZZA
Sorry no choice.
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