The Parrot Hotel

What do you do with your bird when you go on holiday?

Now you can leave him at Midland Parrots Ltd, where you know he will be looked after.

We can cater for most Parrots.

No need to worry any more about asking friends or family.

Special Diet?     No problem.

Special needs catered for.

It is preferred that he comes in his own carry cage obviously to avoid any stress, , we will provide a suitable cage for your bird .We ask you to bring some of his toys and a perch which will go into the cage when he arrives, fill in a form and find out what food he is on.

With 17 Parrots of our own, you know that your bird is in good hands.

Enjoy your break away, without the worry.

Contact us for more details. 



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I'm Off to Midland Parrots Ltd for my Holidays.


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