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Barney has a laugh

Parrots are very intelligent creatures, so playing is very important to them.

To have a healthy happy bird he needs a good diet and toys to play with, today especially where we owners need to work longer hours and of course that means that out parrots are perhaps on their own a little longer.

So with the lack of human company toys, especially foraging toys, are very important. Not only do they keep your bird amused but can spread his meal over a longer period, thus preventing boredom whilst he is on his own.

In the wild parrots will spend the majority of their day foraging for food. However our captive friend doesn't need to do this, because we ensure that he has all the food and nutrition placed in his bowl inside his cage.

Because parrots have all this in there cage they can get bored, which can cause unwanted behaviours such as feather plucking or screaming.

There is an answer....... A selection of foraging toys, some or perhaps the entire parrots daily nutritional intake can be place in the toys making the parrot work for his dinner.

Your bird will love the opportunity to work out how he gets to the food or treat. This is natural for him to do. So, ensure that your parrot has part of his natural environment in his own cage.


How many times have we heard the phrase "Mum can we get that wooden toy for Polly" only to hear the reply, "No, he will only chew it"

Chewing is important to parrots and is part of their daily activity. Most owners however accept that their feathered friend will enjoy chewing and eventually destroying ropes, wooden toys and all natural goods such as leather,coconut and much more....

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